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Whip up some fun with the Disney Remy – Scentsy Buddy and delight in the Disney Ratatouille – Scentsy Warmer, fashioned after Gusteau’s cookbook and chef hat, which features a little chef who calls the shots from inside when the warmer is lit.

To top it all off, the exclusive new, savoury Disney Ratatouille: Bon Appétit fragrance is the perfect pairing for these exciting products.

  • Disney Ratatouille: Bon Appétit — Ripe tomato, fresh basil, a dash of garlic and a slice of French baguette pay homage to the rich, savoury flavours in the classic dish ratatouille.

Here are the purchasing options: 

  • Disney Ratatouille – Scentsy Warmer, $86 CND/ $65 USD

  • Disney Remy − Scentsy Buddy + Disney Ratatouille: Bon Appétit − Scent Pak, $46 CND/ $ 35 USD    - SOLD OUT

  • Disney Ratatouille: Bon Appétit − Scent Pak, $11 CND/ $8 USD

  • Disney Ratatouille: Bon Appétit – Scentsy Bar, $9 CND/ $7 USD

It’s almost time! Classic Scentsy fragrances are returning for Bring Back My Bar sales. To help you prepare, all 25 Scentsy Bars will be available to purchase starting July 1, while supplies last.


The 20 winning fragrances are:

Apple Crush - Berries Jubilee - Berry Bubble Blue - Blackberry Meringue - Breakfast Blend

Buzz Worthy - Coconut Citrus Parfait - Coconut Daiquiri - Dulce de Leche - Farmers Market

Happy Go Lucky - Highway Run - Juicy Peach - Lemon Verbena - Lime & Sugarcane

Red Delicious - Reggae Sunset - Sea Salt Mist - Sea, Sun & Fun - Surfer Chick

also enjoy five additional fragrances chosen by Scentsy President and Interim CEO Dan Orchard! Take a look at Dan’s picks:

Dark Harbor - Lemon Lavender - Sandalwood & Cranberries - Shaka - Wild What-a-Melon

As a bonus, Scentsy Pods will also be available in select returning fragrances! You will be able to shop classic pods in the following scents:

Dark Harbor - Happy Go Lucky - Lemon Verbena - Shaka - Wild What-a-Melon


Shop Our Amazing New Summer collection loaded with new products & Scents 
- Cleaning Products
- New scent in Laundry bundle
- A 5 pack of summer bars
- Travel Pillows
- New scents in room sprays & Pods
- New Warmer 
- New Body wipes
- New Hand Cream
New Fragrance Flowers

To Shop all the new products visit the link below


We can’t contain our excitement for the new Disney and Pixar Inside Out Collection!

Feel all the feelings with the Emotional Whirlwind – Scentsy Wax Collection, featuring five Scentsy Bars inspired by the emotions of Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out. Includes one Scentsy Bar in each fragrance:

  • Joy: Good and Golden — Energetic lemon, spirited golden pineapple and cane sugar will put a smile on your face.

  • Sadness: Feeling Blue — Dramatic dark waters, evening lavender and bergamot deeply touch your gentle soul.

  • Fear: Scared Purple — Stay cautiously optimistic with grape, raspberry and an unexpected touch of vanilla.

  • Disgust: Turning Green — Set high standards with Granny Smith apple, spun sugar and a sassy hint of lime zest.

  • Anger: Red Hot Rage — An explosion of spicy cinnamon and clove fuels your fiery side.

And since memories and fragrance play so well together, let your imagination soar with the new Disney and Pixar Bing Bong – Scentsy Buddy. He’s a best friend who’s up for any adventure — real or imaginary — and he comes with a Scent Pak in the fragrance he inspired — Welcome to Imagination Land! — which is also available as a Scentsy Bar.

  • Welcome to Imagination Land! — A fantasy of raspberry sugar, cotton candy and sweet vanilla make your wildest dreams come true.

Here are the purchasing options:

  • Emotional Whirlwind – Scentsy Wax Collection, $40 CND/ $30 USD

  • Disney and Pixar Bing Bong − Scentsy Buddy + Welcome to Imagination Land! − Scent Pak, $73 CND/ $55 USD - SOLD OUT

  • Welcome to Imagination Land! − Scent Pak, $11 CND/ $8 USD

  • Welcome to Imagination Land! – Scentsy Bar, $9 CND/ $7 USD

Scent-Spirations: Black Raspberry Vanilla Early Access Bundle, $33 CND/ $25 USD All five Scent-Spirations Collection: Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bars in a decorative box! Includes:

  • Black Raspberry Frosting Scentsy Bar: Whipped marshmallow and buttercream sweeten rich dark berries.

  • Black Raspberry Linen Scentsy Bar: Fresh dark berries bring vibrance to warm linen.

  • Black Raspberry Sangria Scentsy Bar: Juicy dark berries and vibrant orange with a splash of fruit nectar.

  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar: Delicious, sun-sweetened dark berries warmed with vanilla.

  • Black Raspberry Woods Scentsy Bar: Deep forest woods shade wild dark berries.


Save big on great products, while supplies last.

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